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First day of work....
April 22, 2013 || Monday, April 22, 2013

So i worked at SGH as a temporary transporter/attendant. It kinda sucked for the first day................. Hahah :( I knew it had to do with a hell lot of walking but i didnt know it would be this much omg. Or maybe i'm just not used to it yet???? Or coz i'm a fatty and fatties like me dont like walking and sweating :( Especially while wearing jeans!! Why cant we wear skirts :(

Okay so i had to follow this older lady who was helping me the whole day today. Talked and walked alottttttttttt. Then she had to go off at 3pm, while i end at 4pm. So i sat in the office alone lol. Waiting for instructions but end up having everyone coming up to me and be like "are you ok???" I have no idea why so many people kept asking me that LOL then this guy said my face was like damn shag, but BEYOND shag. Hahhahaha. I'm guessing the tiredness is somewhat due to having a fetus in your womb and swollen legs and having to walk around for 7 hours.................

So i ended up sitting in the office for the last hour till i go off at 4pm! Took a cab back home. Hoping things would get better as i get in the cab........... the uncle took the long and wrong way!!!!!!! Which sums up to $8++ worth of cab fare. Like what. Jalan Bukit merah to Depot Road not even far you know LOL. So........ ok la the uncle was nice enough to minus my fare to $7 -.- Ok, then wa, i thought things will be relaxing like i can finally go home and then jump to my bed and lie down to rest and have a snack. End up drinks were spilled on the floor which attracted A LOT OF ANTS!!!!!!! Pissing me till no end.... Then i found out my sister didnt go to school, even when i woke her up!!!!!!!!!! So annoying wtf!!! Told my mum she went to school some more lor walau. -.-

Then i woke up feeling empty and alone. I missed cw so much... :(
And from my waist down i'm like aching and like cramping LOL. Couldnt walk properly for a good 5 mins...
Had to clear the spilled drink from earlier on then the stupid china tenants were hogging the toilet like wtf so i couldnt get a mop to clean.......... :( Then i used my contact lens solution to spray at the ants so it would die slowly muahahahahahaa. So they all end up floating in their on pool of food - Ice lemon tea. MUAHAHAHHA. Ok then i finally got the mop. And then here i am blogging!!!

Oh yea, watched WGM SunHee, they ended so sadly wtf i was crying like worst then sunhwa was LOL...
I wished it was longer :( 8 months only where got enough la walau???? :"( SIGHHHHHH.....

Anyway i gotta go clean up and all that shit then get my ass back to bed to prepare my body for tmr's long day of work...... Sigh............. LOL AND YES I DONT HAVE TO WORK THERE FOR THE WHOLE MONTH NEXT MONTH!!! My mum "offered" me a job at the shop for 2 months while she's gone for a bit to find her "friend" :P in london!!! She said she's gna pay me $3k-$4k leh yay!!! But also not an easy job lor :( Have to deal with avoiding the cockroaches and disgusting rats.. -.-